Up in the Air Prom, a second chance/possum prom FUNdraiser

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WHO:             Quapaw Quarter United Methodist Church

WHAT:           Up in the Air Prom, a second chance/possum prom FUNdraiser

WHEN:           7-11 p.m., Friday, June 13, 2014

WHERE:         Fellowship Hall and Courtyard, Quapaw Quarter United Methodist Church

1601 S. Louisiana

Downtown Little Rock, baby

COST:             Whatever you can afford

BECAUSE:    Quapaw Quarter United Methodist Church has a small congregation but a HUGE heart, and the Up in the Air Prom will raise money for our general funds, which will help us keep our doors open so we can continue our missions. You can help by attending (or pretending to attend) the Up in the Air Prom from 7-11 p.m. at 1601 S. Louisiana on Fri., June 13.

80s couple photo See that cocktail/formal dress hanging in your closet? See that tuxedo wrapped in drycleaner plastic? They’re begging you to show them off at the first-ever second-chance prom at Quapaw Quarter United Methodist Church.

photolibrary_rf_photo_of_man_with_remote_control_in_bed See those pajamas lying across the foot of your bed? Put ‘em on and send your no-regrets to the Possum Prom where you don’t have to leave the comfort of home to help a good cause.

come_as_you_are_by_disenchanteddestroya-d4os6au So what do you do? Wear what you have, borrow something from a friend, grab a new outfit from a thrift store or just come as you are. There will be dancing, cheesy photos and contests – just like real prom!

opossum-300x3001 Anyone is welcome (kids, too), and the cost to enter is whatever you can afford. If you’d really rather stay home in your comfies and watch Netflix after a long week, we understand that, too. But, you can still participate! Just play possum and make a contribution to QQUMC in whatever amount you’d like. We’ll party for you.

Admission Tickets Here’s how to get tickets:

In advance:

–          Drop by or mail a check to QQUMC, 1601 S. Louisiana, Little Rock, AR 72202. If paying by check, please note it is for tickets to the prom.

–          Use one of the church’s Squares to pay by debit or credit card. You can drop by or phone in your contribution if using a card.

–          Place your check in the offering plate on Sundays. Just be sure to note it’s for tickets to the prom.

–          We’ll keep a log of presale tickets so all you have to do the evening of prom is show up and give your name. VIP, y’all.

–          Want to play possum? No worries. We’ll keep a note of your contribution and celebrate with you in spirit at the event.


Day of Prom:

–          Greeters will accept cash, check, debit or credit at the door. See you at 7 p.m.!

any-questions Questions? E-mail office@qqumc.comcastbiz.net.


QQUMC logo clear backgroundAbout Quapaw Quarter United Methodist Church

Quapaw Quarter United Methodist Church was designed by Charles L. Thompson and Thomas Harding, Jr. The church is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and features a Gothic Revival style with Queen Anne characteristics. The sanctuary still retains its original features and furnishings, including eight side windows and a large Gothic Triptych window, all of intricately assembled Tiffany-style stained glass, depicting biblical persons and liturgical symbols. The original cork tile floor is an early example of green design. Overhead, Gothic openwork trusses provide both decoration and structural support for the roof.